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Uprooted is a processual work that was held during – and drew inspiration from – the midsummer celebration in Sweden. In the work, a wreath of plants and flowers is mounted on an electric motor. Periodically the motor is activated, bringing the wreath in a rapid spin, the force of rotation causing a blur of flowers that can disintegrate and fail catastrophically at any moment. The remnants of petals and leaves accumulate on the floor with each run, and when the wreath is destroyed, a new one is placed. The animation and disintegration of each wreath by the motor brings into contact the history of the dilapidated industrial site with with the encroaching nature as a ritual of accelerated entropy.

[ capture ] was an exhibition held at hybrida.space. Hybrida.space is an art/curatorial initiative launched by artists Giorgos Tsiongas (GR) & Joar Torbiörnsson (SE) in 2021, focusing on creating virtual/physical ground & open-ended curatorial frameworks, where artists can develop and show new work.


3 phase AC motor, branches, flowers and plants


22 July 2022